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Taking The First Step #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays

Often we talk about the first step and the difficulty in taking the first step towards following our dreams. How do you overcome the hurdles on your path?

Life's Lessons

Break Some Rules, You Will Be Fine #MondayMusings

Break some rules, you will be fine. We all have had tough times growing up, how we deal with it makes a big difference. This post first appeared on Ishithaa


New Bookshelf, Renewed Monsoon #MondayMusings

New Bookshelf, Renewed Monsoon incorporates two things I love. Books and Monsoon. This is also Ishithaa’s entry to MondayMusings and June GratitudeCircle.


Online Quizzes, Why So Addictive?

There are a lot of fun online quizzes that are a big hit on social media of late. They are addictive and take you on an unending journey from one topic to another. ¬†You get to know your best friends, the people who want to stab you from behind, your name if you were born …


The Uncertain Tomorrow

Afraid I am to open my mouth Will rice too be worshipped tomorrow? Will they slaughter us too You who slaughter in the name of cows? Your Holy Tulsi Nibbled on by worms Will they be crucified too? To speak without fear, To live with no horror Lurking in the corner Preying on WIth its …