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Ishithaa is my personal website, where I blog about random things in my life, people in my life, write stories, share thoughts with you, who so lovingly read and let me know your frank opinions. On this website I also do a lot of book reviews and share interesting books that I loved reading.

Are you wondering what kind of a name have I given for my blog? Read Why Ishithaa and you will know for yourself.

I am an advertiser who loves her job, but I love writing more than pushing brands in the face of people. I indulge in a lot of fiction, and I have to thank my younger sibling for it – he is the one who brought out the story teller in me.
As for you, my dear reader, please know that every visit, every comment is highly valuable to me, and I would always love to hear what you have to say.

Keep smiling!
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29 Comments on “Welcome To Ishithaa!

  1. Hi Bhavya good to know that you are a working professional.The catharsis one gets after writing has to be felt and is a great stress buster for those who work in corporate world.

  2. Hi Bhavya!!!
    Glad to visit your website and i really like the welcome page. I love reading fiction so i will be the constant visitor to your blog , be rest assured πŸ™‚

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