Why Ishithaa

I have always stood in awe of a lady, whom I have always seen riding a ferocious lion, with her thick black hair let open, and her beautiful big eyes burning with the fire to bring back justice by slaying the demons that torment the world. The Indian mythology calls her Maa Durga. For me, she represents that feminine quality that remains submerged beneath all the conditioning that the society has done over generations on the so called weaker gender; that quality which stays hidden until there is the slightest threat to people or things she cares about.

The name of this site, Ishithaa means mastery, superiority in Sanskrit and is one of Her many names.

This little place of mine, I dedicate to Her, under whom I aspire to grow yet remain an innocently playful child forever.

18 thoughts on “Why Ishithaa”

  1. I always wanted to say this. Your writings, posts and quotes trigger Unknown feelings in me which were hidden secretly from this world. Some quotes are which I wanted to spell out but never found the right words.

    Keeping going and loved the name of the site.

    P.s. And I will be one of your fans waiting for that book of yours…


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