The Suicide Note

  “Why dear God did you create me if you had no love for me. Why did you leave me into this world where nobody cares about me or loves me? I might as well be dead and nobody would notice. Not even you. For what fault of mine did you make me like this, … Read more

Fighting The Demons

Fighting The Demons is part 8 of the Tribe Whispers. The plot thickens and fighting the demons within and outside becomes essential to ensure victory.

To My Bestie

  As you noticed, I started this letter to you, to my bestie abruptly. I remember that we don’t talk formally, hence I’m choosing to not write to you formally too! Oh, you’re asking what reason makes me write to you instead of jabbering like always? That is because I hope to write something today … Read more

Loving a Prankster

  Thud!! Noisily, she fell down again. In the darkness, he smiled. “Next time you try that, I will sleep on the other bed. You sleep here all alone hugging that cold pillow.” Oh he was a prankster, who did this all the time, but she loved her little brother too much and indulged him … Read more

The 31 Days Bloggy Affair

  As the curtain falls on the Ultimate Blogging Challenge today, July 31st 2013, those of us who have worked hard, spent sleepless nights blogging, reading and networking with fellow bloggers,  who have sneaked in to read each others’ posts during office hours, those who shelved their books because they had loads of blogs to … Read more

Continue The Story

  Two writers Patrick and Varsha began their own tales in two different corners of the blogiverse. Wonderful Corinne, prompted us over at WriteTribe  to continue the story from where they left us. I couldn’t pick between the stories and decided to combine both. Do let me know what you think :)  *** “Jose, are … Read more

Haiku #1 – Monsoon

  Thundering Skies Tall Swaying Coconut Palms Broken Lonely Heart PS: This is my first attempt at Haiku, a style I have consciously kept myself away from as I felt that I could never do justice to it. If there are any mistakes, please do point out, I’d love to learn but please be a … Read more


He is the first person I look at when I wake up. He is the first one I talk to everyday. He is the first one I hug and cuddle in the morning. The guy is quiet, observant yet absent minded, taller than me and pampers me a lot. At social functions and family get-togethers, … Read more

From The Wrong Side

The day had started so wrong. That morning, when he woke up, strangely enough he got out of the bed from the wrong side. He had never done that previously, he was always so particular about getting up from the same side of the bed for so many years now. Yet, he had done it … Read more

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