Disobedience #Ishithaa

This poem is about disobedience and is written by Ishithaa for the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge

For A Special Girl

This poem is for a special girl who is getting married in few days. Do join me in wishing her all the good things in life.

Dear Son

I wake up, perspiring. The clock is ticking and I know I don’t have much time. The sun is setting and the shadows are growing longer. The darkness does nothing to calm me, I know it is just a dream that shook me up so; but lately my reality is becoming more horrific than my … Read more

Children of a Better God

  About The Book When Anupurba comes back to India from the United States, reluctantly leaving behind a satisfying job as an art teacher, she does so with a sense of apprehension at this displacement from her comfortable, suburban American life. She never imagines that returning to India would turn out to be a profoundly … Read more

The Blue Shopping Bag

Her eyes shone as the steady stream of light revealed a blue bag with tiny little flowers on them. “Oh Mama, I wanna go shopping today. I wanna take this bag and walk the streets so that all the other girls would look my way and admire all the pretty little flowers on it.” “Well … Read more

Leap of Faith

Taking a leap of faith, unsure of how far below the ground is. Wise or foolish?

Before The Mehndi Faded

The mehndi hadn’t faded from her hands, yet the tears had made indelible streaks on her pretty little face. Not one to run away from demons, this one she was scared to face.

We did not want

  The clouds covered most of the night sky. Like a shy girl hiding from the guests, the moon hid behind the clouds, trying to escape our eyes. Happy that we had made the decision, we spent the night in comforting silence, watching the stars twinkling their affirmation and smiling down at us. We did … Read more

Another Serial!

  It was in April 2013 that I wrote my first serial story. I have been meaning to write a second one ever since and have been looking up at the sky, waiting for the muse to arrive. Then I thought, why not start off with whatever I have right now, and let lady Muse … Read more

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