For Fifteen Minutes of Fame

For fifteen minutes of fame is a poem based on a true story, one that occurred while I was in school.

Children of a Better God

  About The Book When Anupurba comes back to India from the United States, reluctantly leaving behind a satisfying job as an art teacher, she does so with a sense of apprehension at this displacement from her comfortable, suburban American life. She never imagines that returning to India would turn out to be a profoundly … Read more

How Do I Even Begin To Tell

The light sunlight falling on his face woke him up. Groggily he opened his eyes wondering who had switched on the light when he was sleeping. 9.00! His eyes screamed out in despair when they saw the hands of his lazy alarm clock that hadn’t woken him on a Monday morning. He would miss his … Read more

Memories of a Bygone Onam

Preparations were going on in full swing. Not a single student was idle and everyone was occupied with various tasks.

To Be A Proper Lady

The school was not far, nor was the walk home long Yet it took her a good half an hour Stopping to admire every flower Kick the stones and score imaginary goals Her small little revenge against those goons The ones who would not let her play The ones who said she was a girl  Jumping into puddles, splashing water, Grinning wide, thinking of mom’s scolding Complaining the shirt would never be white again That the scars on her knees would never be gone That she’d never be a proper lady like  Rama aunty’s daughter But who cared! Carefree, happy and bubbly That’s how she wanted to live!   This Leo, the one who does not let me be lazy and I, the one who tends to take unnecessary breaks, are doing the UBC together this July. Prodding and prompting each other, we have decided to write about School today.

His Decision

His decision was made to impress her. Was it a wise decision though?

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