That Day In June

Tomorrow marks one more year since mother left all of us alone, to lead our lives normally without her. Every time she told us that once her children me and my two sisters, were all grown up and settled in life, she would leave us all and go to find some peace, and to live … Read more

A Fistful of Rose Petals

“Maaaaaaaa! Gueshh what I got…” my little birdie chirped in her ever pleasing sing song voice. “Hmm.. what is it baby?” “Gueshh naaaa…!!” the birdie’s voice is gaining frequency the minute. She is every bit her father’s daughter – loving, raucous and edgy. Looking up at her from the book I am reading, see that … Read more

Your Call

Anand, You found this letter so late because I never posted –  you were always so busy – at the office with work and at home with your sons and Mrinalini. Ever since your baba left, I have been very lonely, with no one to share my stories and agonies with. Every Sunday I made … Read more

The Blue Doorway

Pic Courtesy Fotolia This blue doorway was her favourite. It was in front of these very same doors he went down on one knee- like the typical hero in her romance novels, and asked her if she would marry him. He seemed least bothered about the onlookers gawking at them from every window, and across … Read more

Prarthna : The Story of An Angel

I can still vividly remember those long years we spent in prayers and offerings to different Gods from different places and faith, in the hope of a miracle in our own lives. The sleepless nights spent trying and crying over our failed attempts of having our own child, the endless questioning by the relatives as … Read more

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