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Disobedience #Ishithaa

This poem is about disobedience and is written by Ishithaa for the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge

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For Fifteen Minutes of Fame

For fifteen minutes of fame is a poem based on a true story, one that occurred while I was in school.

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What You Don’t Know

This post is for Day 2 on BarAThon, the prompt being What You Don’t Know.

Life's Lessons

It Is Me They Call Unworthy

There are no more tears They just don’t come Just like you they too have abandoned me Not even my tears are mine Not even they stick by me Like you they too have become traitors And yet it is me they call unworthy I loved, you faked I cried, you laughed You broke me …

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For A Special Girl

This poem is for a special girl who is getting married in few days. Do join me in wishing her all the good things in life.

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Grant My Wish

Quite unlike the calm sky, Console the turbulence within I try Mornings after, crumpled bedsheets Waking up to your smiles, Darkenss eating into my soul, Void expanding akin a black hole. Vastness of emptiness, cavernous heart, Unending desires jumping into fires. Ashes of yesterday crowding my sight Harsh sunlight hurting much more. For tomorrows noone …

I Me Mine

Deluge of Memories

Has life changed me so much, that I no longer am the person I used to be 10 years ago? Do I regret my journey?


Captive’s Agony

Hope dies The moment you realise The body restricts External appearance Is all that matters To this world Restrictions you’ll realise Only when you’re trapped Inside your own body You feel like a butterfly To flutter away From everything You feel like a tiger Wanting to break free Of all the shackles and chains But …

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If Only You Were Here

If Only You Were Here