Adventures of Little Burpy

  For a little frog, Burpy was an overactive kid. His mummy couldn’t ever manage to control him. Neither his mummy’s love nor his father’s high pitched stern croaking could make Burpy sit still for more than 5 minutes. Unlike the other tiny frogs who lived near the lotus lake, Burpy was least interested in … Read more

At The Thulasithara

  The moths struggled to land near the lamp whose flame was threatened by the evening breeze. Kartikeyan watched the shadows shift and change shapes as the source of light continued its unsteady dance. Struggling to stand up and supporting himself against the wall, he got up calling out to Lord Krishna. Kartikeyan’s relationship to … Read more

Sand Between My Toes

The beach, the soft sand and the incessant waves ~ pure bliss!

A Fistful of Rose Petals

“Maaaaaaaa! Gueshh what I got…” my little birdie chirped in her ever pleasing sing song voice. “Hmm.. what is it baby?” “Gueshh naaaa…!!” the birdie’s voice is gaining frequency the minute. She is every bit her father’s daughter – loving, raucous and edgy. Looking up at her from the book I am reading, see that … Read more


Water is the elixir of life – it is the reason life is, it is the reason life will be or will not be. This having said, think – do we give it the importance it deserves?     Do we actually take care to preserve water or its sources?  What might have caused the … Read more

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