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The Soup

  Rishabh and Javed walked into the bank together. It was their first day at their first job. Both the friends were looking forward to having a good day and had reached office well in time. They had met in Mysore in the bank’s training college and had become fast friends. Finally when the posting …

Fiction, UltimateBlogChallenge

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

  It was her first day and boy was she excited. It had taken her two weeks to properly convince her parents that she would indeed be safe and that this step was necessary for all of them. She was not being selfish and was doing this for the good of all of them. They …

Fiction, UltimateBlogChallenge

Dreams Unlimited

  As the train chugged into the station, eager heads peeped out from the window to see the platform and form the first opinion about the place. It was not everyday you were sent  to a beautiful laid back city in the southern peninsula of India on a completely paid trip. Of course, this was …