The Lost Chance

  Being a music buff, she wanted to learn music and impress the people around her. Every time during school vacations, she would plan on joining music classes and her family would encourage her. Yet, she never joined. Somehow for one reason or the other, she always felt that there was something missing in her, … Read more

She Was Too Late

For days they had been practicing and he was getting better day by day. She now knew how long his steps were and how desperate he was to improve. Over the course of the week she could predict where he would plant his feet almost as if by instinct. Kahin tho hogi wo was playing … Read more

The Story In The Ad

  It happens very rarely that I get emotional watching an ad, but this one did it for me. If you understood the lyrics, I guess I don’t have to say much more, but since I’m obsessed about this particular ad, I will 😉 It is about a little village where rivers of milk flow, … Read more

Kuch Khaas Hai

When I discovered Preetilata’s post from last April, I bookmarked it right away knowing that since I was crazy to keep entering challenges, I would need it. UBC just seems to the perfect excuse for immersing myself into a world of music, and let it come up with a few answers. There are four simple … Read more

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