The Shoe Thief

When all your life you have been craving for an elder sibling, God finally gets tired of your prayers and sows the seeds of sisterhood in the heart of a person living miles away, someone whose existence you are not even aware of – how do you process so much? She just walks in one … Read more

The White Rose

Years had passed, but not one week had passed without his letter. They would come promptly, every Wednesday. By now, she knew his schedule by heart. He would sit down in his room on Sunday afternoons, his stomach full after the aromatic biryani the canteen served every Sunday, take out his sheaf of papers and … Read more

Link Was Not Working

“But Rhea, the link was not working” “Exactly, it never is.” “What do you mean?” “You will never understand John.” “You could try” “Then what do you think I was doing for the past 8 years John? How do you explain that huh?” “Oh!” his face fell. I will not fall into this trap again, … Read more

What Role Would You Play?

    I would choose the role of being the daughter of my parents, if I had to face such a situation ever in my life. Why? Because they are the reason I am. My culture puts mother and father before God, but more than that, because I love them more than myself. What would … Read more

Food For The Soul

  Those kind words of yours soothe my anxious mind, make me smile and give me new hopes, dreams and prayers. The magical sentences take me back in time, beneath the tree in college where we spent hours sharing dreams and hopes, philosophies and tragedies. It feels so good, my soul is satiated when I … Read more

The 31 Days Bloggy Affair

  As the curtain falls on the Ultimate Blogging Challenge today, July 31st 2013, those of us who have worked hard, spent sleepless nights blogging, reading and networking with fellow bloggers,  who have sneaked in to read each others’ posts during office hours, those who shelved their books because they had loads of blogs to … Read more

My Identity

  This was a guest post I did for Meena when she was taking part in the May Photo A Day Challenge. Since I’m too pressed for time and space today, I thought I’d just share it here instead of thinking up a new post 😉   The Prompt was to click a picture of … Read more

Meena Made Meen

When I set out writing stories on Ishithaa, little did I think I would end up finding someone who would come into my close circle of friends in less than 48 hours after we started talking, it could also be because the only time we kept quiet during those 2 days were when we were … Read more

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