Ananya: A Journey Towards Light

Of late I have observed that I am more and more inclined to books that talk about strong women, women who have overcome hurdles in their life to lead a life that they create for themselves. Such a book that I recently read was Ananya, A Journey Towards Light by Urmila Deshpande. The story revolves … Read more

Dealing With People Like Us

  “Whaaattt!! You’re a divorcee? You sure don’t look like one” was the reaction I got from someone I met a few days ago and to whom I had to share my story. How are people who have been through a divorce supposed to look? Do they need to carry a placard for the whole … Read more

For A Special Girl

This poem is for a special girl who is getting married in few days. Do join me in wishing her all the good things in life.

Grant My Wish

Quite unlike the calm sky, Console the turbulence within I try Mornings after, crumpled bedsheets Waking up to your smiles, Darkenss eating into my soul, Void expanding akin a black hole. Vastness of emptiness, cavernous heart, Unending desires jumping into fires. Ashes of yesterday crowding my sight Harsh sunlight hurting much more. For tomorrows noone … Read more

Coming To Terms

No matter what the packaging, a bad news about a loved one’s health is always painful. We do what we can to go on…

Where Is She Going?

Her bags are packed, but where is she going

Dear Son

I wake up, perspiring. The clock is ticking and I know I don’t have much time. The sun is setting and the shadows are growing longer. The darkness does nothing to calm me, I know it is just a dream that shook me up so; but lately my reality is becoming more horrific than my … Read more

When I Started A New Life

It had become a routine, dragging myself out of the bed, shuffling my feet through the day’s chores to finally reach the place I called my office. It was not easy to make your presence felt in an institution that barely recognized fresh faces, leave alone fresh pathways to an already existing goal. When you … Read more

The Dream

“See kaki, what I made for the school project.” “What is this dear?” “Teacher told us to draw on the theme of my dream. This is my dream… our own home…with real walls and roofs that will not leak. We will have a garden in front of our home where you can plant roses and … Read more

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