Babli Ke Liye Toilet Kidhar Hai?

Babli ke liye toilet kidhar hai is a post written by Bhavya for IndiBlogger’s #ToiletforBabli campaign.

Tingling Memories, Wafting Fragrances

  As twilight approaches, signaling a new dawn a couple of hours away, a new day filled with new dreams, new life and new hopes, new things to be achieved and newer relationships to be nurtured, I can’t help but feel an ache in my heart. Some of you know that my big day is … Read moreTingling Memories, Wafting Fragrances

Man Who Wore A Sanitary Napkin

  It is not easy to talk about menstruation and sanitary napkins in a country as conservative as India, that too for a man. Through humour and jokes, Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham, a school drop-out coming from a nondescript village in South India, describes his journey from being a person who saw his wife struggle during … Read moreMan Who Wore A Sanitary Napkin

Prarthna : The Story of An Angel

I can still vividly remember those long years we spent in prayers and offerings to different Gods from different places and faith, in the hope of a miracle in our own lives. The sleepless nights spent trying and crying over our failed attempts of having our own child, the endless questioning by the relatives as … Read morePrarthna : The Story of An Angel

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