And That Is How I Met Her

And that is how I met her.  I remember distinctly how we were sitting under a cloudy moonless sky that night after a complete solar eclipse, two of us on the swing, gently swaying while the third one sat across on a bench.  I remember saying something, which turned out to be gibberish for the … Read more

Decisions ~ Reflections

Gone are the days of Weeping, Licking on wounds and Waiting. For remorse to strike and Forgiving. Adamantly shining brighter is a Fire, Within my soul, Refusing To back off and die down, Decisions, To live life and and to rise and to Win. Some decisions change the course of our lives, some are taken … Read more

Dealing With People Like Us

  “Whaaattt!! You’re a divorcee? You sure don’t look like one” was the reaction I got from someone I met a few days ago and to whom I had to share my story. How are people who have been through a divorce supposed to look? Do they need to carry a placard for the whole … Read more

Alone No More

  How can you not oblige when a friend who is close to your heart comes and sweetly asks you to write a story for him? That too when it is such a big occasion! It is my twinny’s Blog’s 8th Birthday today! Yes, he has been blogging for 8 years and writing for more … Read more

Before The Mehndi Faded

The mehndi hadn’t faded from her hands, yet the tears had made indelible streaks on her pretty little face. Not one to run away from demons, this one she was scared to face.

Why I Want To Quit My Job

While these are not all the reasons why I want to quit my job, they are clear indicators and things that are at the top of my list.

Memories of a Bygone Onam

Preparations were going on in full swing. Not a single student was idle and everyone was occupied with various tasks.

The Journeys That Made Her

  The journeys always excited her. It was always new to her and she waited with bated breath for every new journey. She would never ask where she was going as she loved the surprise element it gave her. Many a times, she would see things and leave a little piece of her heart there, … Read more

Monsoon Meditations

  It is just another day at work, the morning settling down and making way for the sun to climb higher in the sky and usher in an afternoon. The pace is dull and I can’t stop my mind from wandering. It is a wanderlust, this mind of mine… Never settling down anywhere…never gathering dust..always on the move, here now and there now. I don’t know if your mind is the same, maybe this is a special way my mind works. Long and dreamy journeys are undertaken on the wings of my mind, the world seems like a place that could be easily held in my fist, such are the flights my mind undertakes!   The sixth floor office in this City of Dreams has a beautiful view and paints a vivid picture of the skyline where the greens and concrete compete for more space. The skies are blue, interspersed with white clouds that remind me of cotton candy. In another place, in the God’s Own Country, the place that was home to me for many many years, it is raining. My favourite season of all times.   The dark clouds heavy and ready to shower on you any time, the lightning bolts out of nowhere and the dirty puddles on the roads…that alone is not monsoon for the romantic at heart. It is also the season of greener trees, petrichor, hot piping onion bhajis and roasted groundnut. It is the season you can come home drenched; the paper boats made of newspapers and notices, in all shapes and sizes racing against each other in a fit to survive the storm that is lashing them; the power cuts and the family gatherings on the verandah; the antaksharis and the numerous word games; the croaking of the frogs and the incessant chatter of the crickets in the garden, those special blooms that appear only during the monsoons, what is there not to love about monsoon!   Though this city has embraced me with open arms, though I have settled and found my happiness among the chaos here, I would always belong to that land of coconut and mango trees, the backwaters and the land where it rains for a major share of the year. The heart yearns to go home, one more time, for some more time…  

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