Writing Dialogue – Charmeljun Gallardo

      About The Book Series By Charmeljun Gallardo       Ready For The World – Driver’s Education:   Fifteen-year-old Brandon Delacruz’s wants are simple. He wants to be popular, drives a cool car, and has the girl of his dreams on his arm. Instead, he’ll have to settle for being on the … Read more

Alone No More

  How can you not oblige when a friend who is close to your heart comes and sweetly asks you to write a story for him? That too when it is such a big occasion! It is my twinny’s Blog’s 8th Birthday today! Yes, he has been blogging for 8 years and writing for more … Read more

My Identity

  This was a guest post I did for Meena when she was taking part in the May Photo A Day Challenge. Since I’m too pressed for time and space today, I thought I’d just share it here instead of thinking up a new post 😉   The Prompt was to click a picture of … Read more

Meena Made Meen

When I set out writing stories on Ishithaa, little did I think I would end up finding someone who would come into my close circle of friends in less than 48 hours after we started talking, it could also be because the only time we kept quiet during those 2 days were when we were … Read more

What The #*!!

The other day, I got into a bus and unfortunately the only vacant seat was one next to a saree clad lady who seemed to be in her 40s. Not that I have a problem sharing a seat with any woman, but never in my life would I choose to sit next to a woman, … Read more

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