Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, Thank you. Really; thank you for being mine. It seems like nobody other than you is even bothered about me. I really wish at times you could talk back to me too, then I wouldn’t be this lonely. But I am scared to wish hard enough, what if when you too can talk … Read more

The Cart Puller

  Stretching himself as much as possible, in spite of the pain he was in, he struggled to align his spine as perfectly possible against the hard charpoi in tiny aangan of his old house. Inside, he heard his wife squirm as she turned to lie on her other side, the pain she was in … Read more

#AtoZApril 2015 – B

It was easy, her daughter’s life. She had the least amount of worries in the world. She could throw caution to the winds and let her hair open without worrying about what people would say about her or what impression it would create on her friends. But then, wasn’t teenage girls supposed to be complicated? … Read more

The Blue Shopping Bag

Her eyes shone as the steady stream of light revealed a blue bag with tiny little flowers on them. “Oh Mama, I wanna go shopping today. I wanna take this bag and walk the streets so that all the other girls would look my way and admire all the pretty little flowers on it.” “Well … Read more

How Do I Even Begin To Tell

The light sunlight falling on his face woke him up. Groggily he opened his eyes wondering who had switched on the light when he was sleeping. 9.00! His eyes screamed out in despair when they saw the hands of his lazy alarm clock that hadn’t woken him on a Monday morning. He would miss his … Read more

The Beach

There is something magical about the whole scene that unfolds at the beach.

A Surprise Gift

  It was a gift, not earned, but a surprise. It had come out of the blue, when she turned to look behind to see who had called her. A sharp pain, lots of blood and a hospital visit later, she realized she had been given a gift that would last her a lifetime – … Read more

The Escape Route

The day that turned my life, I remember playing with my cousins and friends in the courtyard of our house, being happy and being the ten year old that I was. There were a lot of activities happening at home, a feast was being prepared and there was the inviting smell of the sweetmeats from … Read more

My Little Friend

  It was odd. A child of his age should have been in class. Here he was, ambling along the roads and wasting his time as if he had nothing else to do. Seeing me, a sheepish grin came on his face. I noticed that it was greasy, the clothes he was wearing were shabby, … Read more

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