Coffee Date by Saravana Kumar Murugan | Book Review

Coffee Date by Saravana Kumar Murugan is a light, breezy read and the book delivers what it promises – a simple short romance story. There is a hero, a heroine, no villains but there are people who like to create wounds and then rub salt in the lead pair’s story. Saravana could well be telling … Read more

The 23rd Girl Book Review

This is The 23rd Girl Book Review   23 is a number I like. Not obsessed, but more or less a number that I like because 23 also happens to be my date of birth. So when WriteTrbe was offering a chance to review The 23rd Girl, I decided to grab the chance. The book … Read more

The Story of Tublu

Train journeys tend to become boring, especially if you are travelling in the day time when the weather is too hot to enjoy the views from the window. As usual, the book in my bag came to my rescue. The book is the Story of Tublu, a sweet young boy who had to pack his … Read more

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