What I Want For My Birthday

It is just December and my birthday doesn’t come until at least a quarter of a year later, but when prompted by Sanch, it set me thinking about my next birthday.

February 11th

Last of the birds finding their way home, the crickets chirping as the twilight turned to dusk. My Martha sat on the easy chair, the book she was reading lying open in her lap, the sunlight kissing her feet while her spectacles rested on her nose.  Like every other February 11th, she waited for her … Read moreFebruary 11th


There was nothing on the box except her name Chinnu Mathews and her office address. Curiosity wouldn’t let her work, she was sure. Hurriedly sitting down at her desk, she began unwrapping the box which was neatly packed in brown paper.

Continue The Story

  Two writers Patrick and Varsha began their own tales in two different corners of the blogiverse. Wonderful Corinne, prompted us over at WriteTribe  to continue the story from where they left us. I couldn’t pick between the stories and decided to combine both. Do let me know what you think :)  *** “Jose, are … Read moreContinue The Story

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