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Happy Friendship Day

Friendship is an unsaid promise.. one that hearts make when souls connect. Today is friendship day and with this cheat post, I’m off to celebrate the day with my cousin who is visiting after almost a year. I know celebrating a bond like friendship doesn’t need a special day, but what the heck, Happy Friendship Day …

Life's Lessons

To Go Back In Time

Someone asked me recently if I had the chance to go back in time and reverse one thing in life, what would that thing be. This is written for BlogAThon Day 6 where the prompt is Wishful Thinking.


Caught Red Handed

Loud noises try to wake me up as I try to roll over and make myself comfortable on the bed again. I had no idea why Viv was up so early on a holiday and of all places what he was doing in the kitchen. For whatever it was, I decided to not lose my …


Fragile Lives | BarAThon Blogging Challenge | Day 3

This is Day 3 at The BarAThon Blogging Challenge and the theme for today is Fragile Lives.
“Oh God! Please don’t cry. I hate it when you cry”

Fiction, Writing

What You Don’t Know

This post is for Day 2 on BarAThon, the prompt being What You Don’t Know.


Stranger Than Fiction

This post is for Day 1 on BarAThon, the prompt being Stranger Than Fiction