Woes of the Washing Machine

I overheard the below conversation when I was in the reading room, minding my own business. Until that day, I was not aware of the woes of the washing machine. 

Loved and Lost

“This is it Rima, we cannot go on like this. I will have to let you go.” He practiced the lines while still waiting for her to occupy the chair in front of him. They had got married two years back after a whirlwind romance and he fell out of love gradually. She was almost there, smiling and waving at him while crossing the road. Right before his eyes, a speeding truck hit her. Watching the ambulance take her  away,  he realized that he still loved her so dearly and prayed silently, wishing for her to be alright.

If Only You Were Here

If Only You Were Here

Food For The Soul

  Those kind words of yours soothe my anxious mind, make me smile and give me new hopes, dreams and prayers. The magical sentences take me back in time, beneath the tree in college where we spent hours sharing dreams and hopes, philosophies and tragedies. It feels so good, my soul is satiated when I … Read more

Shadow Of A Smile

  “No Priya, just don’t!!  You are fighting just for the sake of irritating me. Unless you have something valid to tell me, don’t try to pick fights with me” “But Raj, listen, I don’t want to fight. I mean I want to, but that’s not the reason I’m arguing with you. We have been … Read more

The Lost Treasure

It was nothing big, but important all the same. It had been there, he grew up beneath it, but never realized its worth, instead cursed it for always littering his garden with brown and yellow leaves. As long as it was there, he never thought of giving the value it deserved, and today after destroying … Read more

Beautiful Eyes

They waited anxiously for little Pia to open her eyes. The gorgeous black eyes that once belonged to their darling would now open the world of sights to another beautiful soul. The initial shock over their only daughter’s untimely death had been too much, but her last wish, to donate her eyes, had made them feel … Read more

Your Call

Anand, You found this letter so late because I never posted –  you were always so busy – at the office with work and at home with your sons and Mrinalini. Ever since your baba left, I have been very lonely, with no one to share my stories and agonies with. Every Sunday I made … Read more

The Blue Doorway

Pic Courtesy Fotolia This blue doorway was her favourite. It was in front of these very same doors he went down on one knee- like the typical hero in her romance novels, and asked her if she would marry him. He seemed least bothered about the onlookers gawking at them from every window, and across … Read more

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