Twenty Three!

23?  What’s with 23, you might be wondering.  Well, 23 is my friend’s age as of today, whom I will call S. S and I have been childhood friends, we knew each other before we even knew our own names, we went to the same schools, the same college, our families are thick friends too. …


Rangrez Mere

One sunday afternoon, i think i fell in love with this song…. From the movie, Tanu weds manu…  Aye Rangrez MereAye Rangrez MereEk Baat Bata Rangrez MereYeh Kaun Se Paani Mein Tune Kaun Sa Rang Ghola HaiYeh Kaun Se Paani Mein Tune Kaun Sa Rang Ghola Hai Ke Dil Ban Gaya SaudaaiAur Mera Basanti Chola Hai Mera Basanti …


The Wheels That Keep Me Moving

In my journey towards weight loss, it is of prime importance to stay motivated. My hunt for motivational videos, articles, pictures and quotes lead me to various pages, where I get to read some good stuff, some better than the others and a few that are not even worth mentioning.Today, here I am sharing a …


The Power is Yours!

We all have our so called ups and downs. But, of late, what I realized is that, only you have the power to let yourself feel down. If somebody’s words affect you, its because You let it. Truly, in all senses, only You have the power to keep your boat moving forward or let it …


Chase Them Goals

Being on a particular path in your life is not that difficult, especially if you can continue to remember that this path was not tread upon by mistake. However hard the road maybe, you chose it for yourself and now it is upto you to give it your best shot. The single motivating factor that …


October 21, 2012

October 21st happened to be one of those days with a potential to change your life. My life specifically.  Dealing with the ‘heaviness’ I had been carrying around for so many years now took a whole new dimension. Through a friend of my mom, I heard of this Doctor who had himself been in my …


Rumi’s Love

In your light I learn how to love.In your beauty, how to make poems.You dance inside my chest where no one sees you,but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art. ~Rumi~



What will happen if I say all that’s in my mind for once? Not swallow my words. Will you still think of me the way you do. Will I still see the bright shine in your eyes when you see me for once you will see the real me, hear my thoughts than me having …

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Because You’re a Girl

Smile, Laugh And Spread Joy, Until You See The Window Of Your Tower The World Beneath, The Life Out There No Colour There That Is Absent In The Tower But You See The Sky, The Birds, Your Brother Jumping, Dancing, Playing In The Dirt You Wonder Why You Alone Spend Your Time Safe N Comfy …