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Forgive #writebravely #celebratewritetribe

After all that’s transpired, Broken promises and Tears unshed Wounded pride and Trampled desires You do it with ease Without an iota Of remorse you seek Rather command Forgive.   ‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’  


Now Is The Time

Darkest of nights, Scary and cold. No human, No supernatural For solace. Fear like a murderer, Choking Strangling, Tempting to flee. Turn around Says the heart, Foolish, Obstinate, Brave little heart. Face your fears, For now is the time, To let go of what was, To make a fresh start. Linking this to the WednesdayVerses …

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Beneath My Feet | Poem | Ishithaa

Beneath My Feet A tiny life Struggles Screams unheard Dreams shattered Darkness Envelops Pain smothers Crashing down Crushing Bones Orphaned Family Unknown, last breath drawn I look down All I see Beneath my feet, A bug, no more. Often it happens, we just walk the Earth as if we own it, not bothered of who …


Poem | The Games You Play #ishithaa

Shh.. I am your friend, you said Don’t make noise, you said Shout and I will kill you Scream, no one will believe, you said Words of yours, Fueling my fear Making me afraid Pushing deeper into the darkness The games you play, and you say it is love. Linking this with #WednesdayVerses as I …

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Laughter #Poem #WednesdayVerses #Ishithaa

Laughter they say is the medicine for all ailments. What about those who cannot cry? What does the world make of them? Read on Ishithaa.