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Where Are You Now?

Where are you is the post that first appeared on Ishithaa. Where are you deals about being and having what you need in life.

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Dealing With People Like Us

  “Whaaattt!! You’re a divorcee? You sure don’t look like one” was the reaction I got from someone I met a few days ago and to whom I had to share my story. How are people who have been through a divorce supposed to look? Do they need to carry a placard for the whole …


The Value of One Girl’s Life | Justice for Jisha

The sun is long gone by the time I leave office everyday. I walk home, clutching by bag close to my body, afraid to take an auto because he might take me to an abandoned place and hurt me. I am too afraid to walk home with a male friend, because I never know when …

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Writing For A One Year Old

To write for a one year old child is no small task. What do I write, what do I include and what do I omit?

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For A Special Girl

This poem is for a special girl who is getting married in few days. Do join me in wishing her all the good things in life.

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Where Is She Going?

Her bags are packed, but where is she going

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If Only

“If only you had come in earlier Neena, we might have been able to help you”

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How Do I Even Begin To Tell

The light sunlight falling on his face woke him up. Groggily he opened his eyes wondering who had switched on the light when he was sleeping. 9.00! His eyes screamed out in despair when they saw the hands of his lazy alarm clock that hadn’t woken him on a Monday morning. He would miss his …

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The Beach

There is something magical about the whole scene that unfolds at the beach.