Thankful Thursdays | January 05

It is a new year, a new beginning, a new calendar and 365 days which we’ve never seen before. The year started off well, though it has just been 5 days into the new year, it already feels like this will be a great one! How did you celebrate your new year? Was it just … Read more

The Calling | Priya Kumar | Book Review

The Calling is a spiritual adventure. It is an encounter with the truth, the wisdom and the force that is innate to us all. At the brink of a divorce and personal breakdown, Arjun took a trip into the heart of the Himalayas, on the insistence of a sadhu, who predicted that the journey up … Read more

To Go Back In Time

Someone asked me recently if I had the chance to go back in time and reverse one thing in life, what would that thing be. This is written for BlogAThon Day 6 where the prompt is Wishful Thinking.

Counting the Blessings

  It is a not so rare story where two best friends become almost strangers owing to the gap that time and distance builds. The said friends both understand and accept their situation and lead their lives normally. Then suddenly, out of the blue, totally unpredictably they walk into each other in an aisle in … Read more

It Is Me They Call Unworthy

There are no more tears They just don’t come Just like you they too have abandoned me Not even my tears are mine Not even they stick by me Like you they too have become traitors And yet it is me they call unworthy I loved, you faked I cried, you laughed You broke me … Read more

This Too Shall Pass

It was on the first day of college that we met for the first time. I noticed that he was dressed differently from the others in the class. A pure white shirt was his attire every single day, like he was teaching himself to be disciplined or something. Over the course of many weeks of … Read more

Dealing With People Like Us

  “Whaaattt!! You’re a divorcee? You sure don’t look like one” was the reaction I got from someone I met a few days ago and to whom I had to share my story. How are people who have been through a divorce supposed to look? Do they need to carry a placard for the whole … Read more

How time flies!

March 9 2015 was an important day for me. The past few months were pure torture, to say the least and I was looking for a break in all senses of the word. It was not a good time and no matter what friends and family tried to do for me, it never seemed to … Read more

Writing For A One Year Old

To write for a one year old child is no small task. What do I write, what do I include and what do I omit?

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