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For A Special Girl

This poem is for a special girl who is getting married in few days. Do join me in wishing her all the good things in life.

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Children of a Better God

  About The Book When Anupurba comes back to India from the United States, reluctantly leaving behind a satisfying job as an art teacher, she does so with a sense of apprehension at this displacement from her comfortable, suburban American life. She never imagines that returning to India would turn out to be a profoundly …

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Attitude of Gratitude: To My Family

One Tuesday, not too long ago, my dear SSJ and I decided to do the gratitude challenge this year. Picking up from where I left it two weeks ago, here I sit about writing about my Family. This is a country where a lot of people do not want a girl child, for many reasons …

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Cultivating an Attitude Of Gratitude

The journey of our lives isn’t always on smooth roads. Potholes, humps, u-turns; come what may, we need to take it in our stride and keep moving. Success shouldn’t be allowed to go into our head nor should failures depress us. I have always found that being grounded and being thankful for what we have …

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The Beach

There is something magical about the whole scene that unfolds at the beach.

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Things About Myself

  1. Extremely loving, to the extent that I forget myself in the process. Yes I know that’s bad and yes I am working on it. 2. Very easily won over! A simple smile and a few words that touch the heart are all it takes. 3. I get hurt too. Unlike what you think, …

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Leap of Faith

Taking a leap of faith, unsure of how far below the ground is. Wise or foolish?

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What Role Would You Play?

    I would choose the role of being the daughter of my parents, if I had to face such a situation ever in my life. Why? Because they are the reason I am. My culture puts mother and father before God, but more than that, because I love them more than myself. What would …

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Why I Want To Quit My Job

While these are not all the reasons why I want to quit my job, they are clear indicators and things that are at the top of my list.