Alone No More

  How can you not oblige when a friend who is close to your heart comes and sweetly asks you to write a story for him? That too when it is such a big occasion! It is my twinny’s Blog’s 8th Birthday today! Yes, he has been blogging for 8 years and writing for more … Read more

The Third Stair

And every time it creaked, he’d wonder why that stair, and if it’d break, taking his leg with it. His father told him the story that night at dinner.

Sick, MIA and Back Finally!

Ishithaa to you might just be one of the many websites you go to, to while away your time and to read something when you are bored. Or it is also possible that you are one of those bloggers who regularly visit blogs in your list and read them religiously. But it is during these … Read more

Going Back

Today the rains were continuous and heavy without thunder and lightning…exactly the way she liked…maybe this was Nature’s way of apologizing for her fury fifteen years back

My Soul Sister & Her Blog!

  It is not every day that you come across someone who makes you go ‘Hey me too!!” at every sentence that is spoken/written. In April 2013, I met this special someone, followed each other and our friendship bloomed on our blogs, back when my blog was still on blogspot and not even called Ishithaa. … Read more

Meena Made Meen

When I set out writing stories on Ishithaa, little did I think I would end up finding someone who would come into my close circle of friends in less than 48 hours after we started talking, it could also be because the only time we kept quiet during those 2 days were when we were … Read more

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