Happy Birthday, My Love

Considering I’m a 27 year old working woman, living a cozy life surrounded by friends, warm and caring neighbours, aesthetically chosen potted plants in the breezy penthouse in the upper middle class locale of the metro, my life is easy. When you add to it that I have a drool-worthy boyfriend ‘K’, who is not … Read more

Growing up as an only child of parents who had eloped from home and tied ‘the knot’, I grew up mostly alone, not knowing the bonding and the friendly fist fights with my siblings, not knowing what it felt like to piggy-ride my uncles, not knowing the pleasure of sleeping in a granny’s lap her … Read more

Krishna Key : Ashwin Sanghi

It is fascinating to think of Krishna as someone from history, rather than as a mythological character. Various theories of the actual existence of the lost city of Dwaraka, of the Brahmastra being the metaphor for a nuclear blast are all very intriguing. Sanghi’s use of Sanskrit, the various shlokas from the Vedas and Upanishads, … Read more