Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right | Varsha Dixit | Spotlight

  RIGHTFULLY WRONG, WRONGFULLY RIGHT by Varsha Dixit       Blurb   Love is in the air again…this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative! Gayatri and Viraj both are products of childhood trauma. Yet they were able to survive, one because of her shrewdness and the other because of his genius. Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully … Read more

The Committed Sin | Leema Dhar | Book Review

Review of the book The Committed Sin published by Leadstart Publications. The book The Committed Sin is written by Leema Dhar.

To Write A Memoir

Let your experiences make you better, but never bitter. These were the words of a dear friend many moons ago when there was neither moon nor stars illuminating my night sky. For many reasons, the words stuck with me and very often I remember these words and control my reactions to people and situations. It … Read more

Dear Diary

The day is still fresh in my memory. This same day, one year back. The day that changed all the days to follow, till life abandoned my physical being. Tiny shoes is the prompt for the day 5 for BarAThon.

Caught Red Handed

Loud noises try to wake me up as I try to roll over and make myself comfortable on the bed again. I had no idea why Viv was up so early on a holiday and of all places what he was doing in the kitchen. For whatever it was, I decided to not lose my … Read more

Fragile Lives | BarAThon Blogging Challenge | Day 3

This is Day 3 at The BarAThon Blogging Challenge and the theme for today is Fragile Lives.
“Oh God! Please don’t cry. I hate it when you cry”

What You Don’t Know

This post is for Day 2 on BarAThon, the prompt being What You Don’t Know.

Stranger Than Fiction

This post is for Day 1 on BarAThon, the prompt being Stranger Than Fiction

The Cherished Ring

I have a special relationship with Mr. Krishna. It is not bound by the rules of the society as to how I need to be or how he needs to be. Reaffirming this relationship is this ring. It is all the more cherished because it used to belong to my grandfather and he gave it … Read more

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