The Suicide Note

  “Why dear God did you create me if you had no love for me. Why did you leave me into this world where nobody cares about me or loves me? I might as well be dead and nobody would notice. Not even you. For what fault of mine did you make me like this, … Read more

Man Who Wore A Sanitary Napkin

  It is not easy to talk about menstruation and sanitary napkins in a country as conservative as India, that too for a man. Through humour and jokes, Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham, a school drop-out coming from a nondescript village in South India, describes his journey from being a person who saw his wife struggle during … Read more

The Lost Treasure

It was nothing big, but important all the same. It had been there, he grew up beneath it, but never realized its worth, instead cursed it for always littering his garden with brown and yellow leaves. As long as it was there, he never thought of giving the value it deserved, and today after destroying … Read more

Abandoning the Bundle

The darkness and the downpour were competing, as if to see who was creating more trouble to the poor dwellers of that run down village. The rains were definitely heavy, but heavier than that was the bundle she was carrying. Muttering a few cuss words when her big toe stubbed against a big rock lying … Read more

From Yesterday to Today, the Story of Hope

The master of ceremonies invites Mr. Ansh Kiran, the recipient of the prestigious Golden Citizen Award, to give a speech of acknowledgement. “I accept this honour you bestow upon me, and dedicate it to my bhayya, Kiran. You must be surprised to note that I called you bhayya – my elder brother. I have always … Read more

Beautiful Eyes

They waited anxiously for little Pia to open her eyes. The gorgeous black eyes that once belonged to their darling would now open the world of sights to another beautiful soul. The initial shock over their only daughter’s untimely death had been too much, but her last wish, to donate her eyes, had made them feel … Read more

Because You’re a Girl

Smile, Laugh And Spread Joy, Until You See The Window Of Your Tower The World Beneath, The Life Out There No Colour There That Is Absent In The Tower But You See The Sky, The Birds, Your Brother Jumping, Dancing, Playing In The Dirt You Wonder Why You Alone Spend Your Time Safe N Comfy … Read more

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