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How Do I Even Begin To Tell

The light sunlight falling on his face woke him up. Groggily he opened his eyes wondering who had switched on the light when he was sleeping. 9.00! His eyes screamed out in despair when they saw the hands of his lazy alarm clock that hadn’t woken him on a Monday morning. He would miss his …


Babli Ke Liye Toilet Kidhar Hai?

Babli ke liye toilet kidhar hai is a post written by Bhavya for IndiBlogger’s #ToiletforBabli campaign.

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Before The Mehndi Faded

The mehndi hadn’t faded from her hands, yet the tears had made indelible streaks on her pretty little face. Not one to run away from demons, this one she was scared to face.

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The Escape Route

The day that turned my life, I remember playing with my cousins and friends in the courtyard of our house, being happy and being the ten year old that I was. There were a lot of activities happening at home, a feast was being prepared and there was the inviting smell of the sweetmeats from …

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My Little Friend

  It was odd. A child of his age should have been in class. Here he was, ambling along the roads and wasting his time as if he had nothing else to do. Seeing me, a sheepish grin came on his face. I noticed that it was greasy, the clothes he was wearing were shabby, …

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The Estimation Gone Wrong

It was clear that the costs would be heavy. Mud and soil would come down destroying the downstream settlements, no Noah’s arc would come to save these poor people whose needs are not even heeded by their government. Within minutes, thousands of people would lose their homes and the ensuing floods would surely kill thousands …

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The Suicide Note

  “Why dear God did you create me if you had no love for me. Why did you leave me into this world where nobody cares about me or loves me? I might as well be dead and nobody would notice. Not even you. For what fault of mine did you make me like this, …

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Man Who Wore A Sanitary Napkin

  It is not easy to talk about menstruation and sanitary napkins in a country as conservative as India, that too for a man. Through humour and jokes, Mr. Arunachalam Muruganantham, a school drop-out coming from a nondescript village in South India, describes his journey from being a person who saw his wife struggle during …

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The Lost Treasure

It was nothing big, but important all the same. It had been there, he grew up beneath it, but never realized its worth, instead cursed it for always littering his garden with brown and yellow leaves. As long as it was there, he never thought of giving the value it deserved, and today after destroying …