The Father

The story about a father and his life.

The Estimation Gone Wrong

It was clear that the costs would be heavy. Mud and soil would come down destroying the downstream settlements, no Noah’s arc would come to save these poor people whose needs are not even heeded by their government. Within minutes, thousands of people would lose their homes and the ensuing floods would surely kill thousands … Read more

Breaking Silence

The silence in the room was deafening. It was almost like her heart was beating inside her throat, she even doubted for a while that the people sitting across her in the room could hear her heartbeat. She thought she could hear the blood course through her veins, the walls whispering to each other, seemingly … Read more

Gender: Queer

Queer. Queer was no gender, but there was no better word.

The Silver Coloured Pouch

  “Thieeeeeeefff! Stop him! Thief!” hollering at the top of her voice Remya ran behind the man, huffing and puffing, but desperate to catch up with him. Thud! Thanks to the Cochin corporation who does not believe in covering the open drains, the hooligan was trapped in one of the infamous sewage drains that like … Read more

The Kiss – 55 Words

“Ha ha ha! This is nothing, there are more pics that will show you how crazy you were”   “Huh! You must be kidding! I’ll never ever do that!” exclaimed little Piu seeing her childhoo pics. There was this extremely funny one where she was standing on the lawn and planting a kiss on a … Read more


“They told me that the journey was more important that the destination itself.”

Pangs of Hunger

“Nothing, its just that you are always hungry” Mia said putting her hand on her friend’s shoulder who suffered a curious case of perpetual hunger.

The Game

  The house on the corner of the street was little Angel’s favourite place. She loved playing hopscotch on the porch, hide-and-seek and skip rope with her friend Devika. The girlie games they played together thrilled her heart immensely and she always looked forward to spending more and more time with Devika. Her house was … Read more

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