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Gender: Queer

Queer. Queer was no gender, but there was no better word.

#AtoZ2014, AtoZ Blogging Challenge

The Silver Coloured Pouch

  “Thieeeeeeefff! Stop him! Thief!” hollering at the top of her voice Remya ran behind the man, huffing and puffing, but desperate to catch up with him. Thud! Thanks to the Cochin corporation who does not believe in covering the open drains, the hooligan was trapped in one of the infamous sewage drains that like …

#AtoZ2014, AtoZ Blogging Challenge

The Kiss – 55 Words

“Ha ha ha! This is nothing, there are more pics that will show you how crazy you were”   “Huh! You must be kidding! I’ll never ever do that!” exclaimed little Piu seeing her childhoo pics. There was this extremely funny one where she was standing on the lawn and planting a kiss on a …

#AtoZ2014, AtoZ Blogging Challenge


“They told me that the journey was more important that the destination itself.”

AtoZ Blogging Challenge, Fiction

The I’s

“I am the one who gives the orders around here. Who are you to ask me?” “Huh! No way. I make this house a home, how dare you talk like I am of no value?” “All you do is sit at home all day and watch these stupid daily soaps. You are becoming more and …

AtoZ Blogging Challenge, Fiction

Yanks at the Heart of the Yapping Girl

Happy at having reached a decision she went and joined her parents in their room; wanting to spend a few moments with them while she still had the time. She found them poring over her childhood albums and were passing comments on and laughing at many of the photographs. She stood outside their room and …