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Hi this is Bhavya!

This blog, Ishithaa, is my escape, my second home. It mainly showcases fiction, some pic posts, some random thoughts and philosophies of yours truly. Previously blogging at Just Another Blog, a few friends made me realize that maybe it was time I got my own home. Hence this brand new home, sort of like a birthday gift to myself! 😉

I write to free myself, all the while trying to engage you a bit more, trying to learn from every step I take. Employed in the business of online advertising, I fret when I need to spend even a minute more at the PC, but not when I am here. I spend a lot of time here by choice, and trust me when I say, if there was any more time on my hands, I would spend them here too!

In another life, I delve into the arena of digital marketing, working at one of the best digital marketing agency in Kochi

You can reach me at my FaceBook page, follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my posts.

Looking forward to staying connected with you 🙂

6 thoughts on “Author of Ishithaa ~ Bhavya”

  1. Hi Bhavya,
    Thanks for the like! I haven’t forgotten you at all (or Asha) and am so glad you are over here at WP now, but I can’t ever seem to get a comment through (like at your old place–Blogger I think). Trying again–it’s something with my URL. I’m lost as I can easily comment on WP blogs when logged in. Well, maybe it helps keep the evil spammers away. Glad you are still blogging and coming up with all your stories. I wish I could post/read more, but it kills me (literally). So, I’m rather pleased that I got a post out after only 17 days or so. Haha. 🙂
    Take care on the other side of the world!
    A (the name of my post showed up below–too funny!)
    playingthehandiwasdealt’s latest…I SAW AGAIN, IF ONLY FOR AN ARIAMy Profile

    • Hi sweetheart 🙂

      I was absolutely delighted to see a post from you after so long A. I had to come over, but had to restrict myself to a like as I was help up a bit to read and give you a comment. 🙂
      I am glad I am at WP too.. at least it makes it easier for you.
      I understand the pain you are in- I do try to, and I appreciate every visit you make, every post you read.
      You too take care 😀

  2. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog… You have a great website going here… Your posts are very engrossing… Glad I found your website… I shall come back and read your work.


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