Dimples? Pits?

What’s in those dimples; Empty shallow set of teeth Creases around the eyes – crows feet When they mean nothing Its not like you don’t know Why then do you dip yourself Deep in those pools and lose yourself When you know they are just PITS.

Osho on real differences between Men and Women

Osho : The psychology movement is basically male chauvinist, and strangely, it has exploited women more than men. Most of the differences between men and women are because of thousands of years of conditioning. They are not fundamental to nature, but there are a few differences which give them unique beauty, individuality. Those differences can be counted … Read more

Maybe Its Just Me :)

It has been quite a while since my formal education is completed, well not completed in the sense of ‘learning over’ but what I mean is I’ve completed my masters and am currently engaged in the promotion of a few brands on the internet. Time flies when you enjoy what you do. I seriously did … Read more

My Professor

The man was going about his daily business as usual, on his way to have his breakfast, he exits the building in which he stays, holding an ancient suitcase and the latest edition of a leading business daily.  Time has taken its toll. The small frame has become frail now; the lines on his skin … Read more

Towards Destiny

Take my hand and hold it tight, For I won’t be the one to let go or fight, Your dream maybe selfish, Call me egocentric to the extreme, But You will not be allowed to drop the dream, Pursue and pester until its yours, That will be My Dream    Hold on and you will … Read more

Have a Facebook Account? Read This!

Think social networking, and you are thinking of Facebook. Everyone you meet on the street, the guy who sat next to you in the morning crowded bus, the little kid who lives across the street and goes to school in the morning, everyone, has an account on Facebook. The social networking giant has rolled out … Read more


Break the connection. Kill the emotion. That is what I chant, that is what my aim is for now, for you. Maybe it will be impossible for me; maybe I will breakdown in the process. But since this is what you truly want, this is what you will be happy with; I will give it … Read more

Vicky Weds Suraj

Vicky and I are getting married this weekend, finally. Our journey towards tying the nuptial knot was longer and harder than it was for most of you reading this post. We are not too young to get married, yet our love was classified as infatuation and God knows with what other adjectives. Always looked upon … Read more

Happy Birthday, My Love

Considering I’m a 27 year old working woman, living a cozy life surrounded by friends, warm and caring neighbours, aesthetically chosen potted plants in the breezy penthouse in the upper middle class locale of the metro, my life is easy. When you add to it that I have a drool-worthy boyfriend ‘K’, who is not … Read more

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