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As informed previously, we went to see this girl Devki. She is good wife material. She can cook, maintain a house and looks healthy enough to give me grandchildren. I like her and you are marrying her only. Her horoscope is good and it says she will be a devoted wife and bring fortunes to her husband. Your father will call her parents tomorrow and fix everything. Then we can arrange for a skype call or whatever you want, but on one condition. You are marrying her and her only.
Your Maa.


I know better than protesting against maa’s plans. I know she will never agree to my plans. Because she does not want to listen to me, she writes. As if one email is going to make me change my mind. It’s pointless to try to change hers though. But I know what to do – For a wedding to not take place, the NO can come from the bride’s side also. That way, I will still be the obedient and devoted son maa thinks I am.


He thinks he can trick me by trying to make the girl reject the proposal. But I have found a gem of a daughter in law. This one will be a puppet in my hands, my dear devoted daughter in law.


Come Devki. This is where you will live. Use this space as you like, all the shelves are vacant. I am going out now. If maa calls, tell her I’m busy and that I will call her back when free. And, don’t wait for me, have your dinner and sleep. I will be out tonight.


It is my first night here and he goes out to be with his friends. What kind of a man have I married. And where are his belongings? Why does it look like I will be the only one living here?


Beti, I know my son does not treat you like his wife yet. He is in the hands of that witch. Treat him with love and he will come running to you and forget all about his american girlfriend.


Girlfriend. So that is where he is.

That damned fellow thinks I am some illiterate villager he picked up from somewhere. Do you know English it seems.
And his mother, she thinks a wife’s devotion will make that son of hers forget his girlfriend.

Well, suits me. This ‘husband’ of mine is useful only as my ticket out of the country. I will live the life I’ve dreamed of, let him have his share of enjoyment with whoever he is with.

My devotion is only for myself.



Devotion | Courtesy AZQuotes

Each year April is special for the blogging community as a lot of us embark on the AtoZ Challenge – one where each day of April, we attempt to write on one English alphabet. The letter for the day is D and today’s post revolves around the word Devotion. I hope you will leave a comment if you enjoyed reading my story. 

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