Agony | A | #AprilAtoZ

She rubbed her eyes, forcing them to open, only to see she was snuggled inside a very hairy pair of arms. 


It took her a moment to fully grasp where she was and how she had got there. 


Turning to look at the face that belonged to the arms, she thought to herself, he is not even that good looking, but smiled again, thinking of the good time she had had last night with this average man. 


Who cares about looks. Anya liked a man who paid attention to details, who put her pleasure and needs above his own, and this guy had done just that. She wondered if she should feel ashamed that she does not even know his name but then decided against it. 


Yes, this was not how she had thought her date with herself would go, but Anya wasn’t bothered. Her priorities were always right, she always put her freedom and happiness above everything else and no matter who or what was standing in the way, she would not budge. 


The man slowly came to his senses, murmuring her name and suddenly startled awake to see her in his arms. 


Oh, Anya. You are really here?! I thought it was all a dream. 

He sounded more relieved than surprised. 


A good one I hope, Anya wasn’t one to take it quietly. 


Of course of course, the man muttered. 


Happy Birthday darling, she murmured into his ears seductively, making gooseflesh across his body. 


She sat up, wanting to go. 


The only problem was, unlike other episodes like these, Anya was confused. She had been with multiple men, but never had she felt this hesitation in the morning. 

Maybe because this man, with his deep eyes and below average looks had made her night magical and rocked her world. But, that wasn’t who she was. She was practical, not an emotional fool like other women who would go all mushy over a man just because he treated her nicely. 


She gathered her clothes, tied her hair, looked back at the man and told him with cold, dead eyes, That will be Rs. 5000


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