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Book Review: Ready For The World: Driver’s Education

Ready for the World: Driver’s Education, written by Charmeljun Gallardo is set in the mid-1980s, and is about a boy Brandon who is entering his 10th grade.

Typical of children at that age, the book talks about Brandon and his friends driving to their school, finding themselves girlfriends and other such things that seem trivial to the adults but are important for youngsters. The book is simple and realistic and would appeal to young adults instantly.

Our protagonist, in his quest to find a girlfriend, realizes that he actually has feelings for his long-time friend Ally. He is completely confused as to how to handle the situation while risking his friendship with Ally. Life takes a turn when tragedy strikes Ally’s family.

The book is completely relatable, and anyone who would have gone to school can empathize well with the characters in the book. The feelings of the readers are well taken care of by the author, he has included humour as well as serious stuff in the book, and that makes it all the more realistic.

The book runs a normal pace and storyline, there are no unnecessary drama or plot twists that make the book unputdownable. However, every child who has undergone high school would be able to relate to it. The reader keeps going back to their school days and it is a wonderful trip down nostalgia lane.

The book is universally applicable and does not necessarily be tied to just the young adults. I found the book quite enjoyable and I am sure a lot of others who enjoy fiction would love reading it too.

Book Blurb: Ready For The World: Driver’s Education
All that Brandon Delacruz wants is a chance. A chance to drive, a chance to be one of the cool kids, and a chance at a girlfriend before he starts the 10th grade. Too bad he got himself grounded for a week. Luckily he’s got his best friends Josh and Ally to help navigate through the minefield that is high school life. But as Brandon sorts out his complicated feelings for Ally, a tragedy occurs and changes everything. He’ll spend the rest of the year finding the delicate balance between a budding love, old friendships, meeting the Asian Parental standards, and having fun…as long as he keeps his grades up.

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