Love.exe by Manju Nambiar #Ishithaa @thebhavyeah

Love.exe by Manju Nambiar


A Sweet Romantic Comedy Making You Fall in Love by 
Manju Nambiar

Love.exe by Manju Nambiar
Review: Love.exe by Manju Nambiar

I had already enjoyed reading Manju Nambiar’s previous book The Money Lender and did enjoy reading love.exe as well, and this review was pending for some time now.

I am a huge fan of romantic novels and stories, and to pick up this book after a dry spell in terms of reading was a welcome change.

The book is a tale of Nitya and Ganpaty, who met in an arranged marriage set up as a prospective bride and groom.

Life takes Nitya to US, and she keeps running into Ganpaty no matter how many times she tries to avoid him.

The reader is taken on a journey where there is a good mix of jealousy, passion, care all coming into play.

Families and the society are an integral part of any story in an Indian setting and love.exe by Manju Nambiar is no different. These elements keep the story realistic and very much relatable whilst still being a love story the reader can enjoy reading.

It is a good, clean book which if turned into a movie, you can have the whole family watching it.

I am not a fan of arranged marriages and was happy that the arranged marriage between Nitya and Ganpaty did not happen, and that they had a chance at finding love rather than being pushed and shoved to celebrate their wedding amidst strange relatives coming just to enjoy the grand wedding feast.

It is definitely a good read if you love stories that are realistic and romantic in nature.

The story is realistic and very much relatable whilst still being a love story the reader can enjoy reading. @getmanjunambiar #ishithaa #tbcblogtours Click To Tweet

Love.exe by Manju Nambiar

Blurb: Love.exe by Manju Nambiar
If you are looking for a feel-good heartwarming love story with a happy ending, this is your right pick!
Nitya Balakrishnan, a young girl from Kerala had it all planned out. She was going to live the life of her dreams in the United States of America. And she thought she had nailed it when she was accepted into one of the best universities in the world. But the cosmos had other plans and conspired to drop love.exe into her.

He came with a bang and stole her away in a breath. Love was not quite there in her agenda, but her heart wouldn’t hear of it. The human heart has its own little brain with its strange logic that remains elusive to our reasoning. For once, she just let it be, only to realize that there is no undo button.

This coming of age, a beautiful tale of love, relationships, and dreams would prick your soul, bring a smile to you, and tear up your eyes. A must-read!  

Grab your copy @ | | About Manju Nambiar

“My work is mostly reflections on the society with a satirical flavor. The characters in my book are people you can easily connect to and have met all your lives. I try to make the read entertaining, light and pleasant. To me, writing is a medium to spread comfort, positivity and good humor.
I have had a racing mind since childhood, which does all kinds of analysis, interpretations and conclusions of everyday mundane events but have always held my tongue tight for fear of sounding politically incorrect. I found writing to be a perfect platform where I got to finally vocalize my thoughts and ideas. 

Manju Nambiar hails from the southern state of Kerala, India. A computer engineer by profession, she now works in one of the leading firms in San Jose, California where she lives with her husband and daughter. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, playing with her daughter and catching up on the latest technologies and trends in the Valley.”
You can stalk her @ Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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