Daya’s Day #AtoZ2020

Daya's day is a story written for the letter D in the AtoZ Challenge.

It was morning already and no one had called yet.

Were they planning a surprise for her?

Had they forgotten that it was her birthday?

Wanting to not feel upset on her birthday, she chose to believe that her friends were indeed planning to surprise her.

She took her regular bus to the office, sat on her usual seat and spent her entire day slogging at work just like any other day.

She rushed out as soon as her work was done with and walked home instead of taking the bus – her friends would obviously need some time to set things up and she did not want to ruin her own surprise, she was an eternal optimist.

Her house was dark and unlit, well, so that’s how it is going to be, Daya thought to herself.

She heard a small whimpering noise and found a tiny pup on her doorstep. It looked like a stray and it responded warmly to her when she made small noises to pet the little dog.

“Dude, that is what I will call you”, she said to the little puppy who was squealing by now in her arms.

Her heart brimmed with delight as she took Dude inside to feed and bathe him.

This short story is written for AtoZ 2020 and this year too I am partnering with my buddy Leo. I would love to know what you thought about this story, please do leave a comment.
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