Chitra’s Classes #AtoZ2020

Chitra's classes is a story written for the letter C for April 2020 a to z

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Almost a month had passed and she was getting tired of the boring classes and the unresponsive students. She wasn’t a bad teacher and all her past students would vouch for her, her course too was not boring but somehow things hadn’t quite taken off and she was unhappy about how the whole scheme was working out.

In fact, during her interview the college Principal had commented that she was perfect for the job and that she had shown sparks of brilliance.

Yet, for some reason she was not able to entertain the present batch of students, she was teaching them alright, but she could not make them happy. The cheer was missing.

It was time to mix up things in her class.

Chitra brought out the flash cards, it was going to be a story telling session. This ought to bring some cheer and fun back into her night school language classes.


This short story is written for AtoZ 2020 and this year too I am partnering with my buddy Leo. I would love to know what you thought about this story, please do leave a comment.
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