Bhadra’s Dilemma #AtoZ2020

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Bhadra was startled at the loud noise and she opened her eyes to an empty bed.

She wondered what the noise could be and rubbed her eyes still not fully awake.

Days had been going like this now, she was not allowed to go out. Not even to school and that never happened.

Her mother and father were home all the time too, and that was something she couldn’t understand at all.

Her parents would get up early in the morning and get half-dressed and sit in front of their laptops. People would appear on their screens and would talk for a while, say bye and leave.

Her parents would continue to tap away into their computers and when she tried peeping into her mother’s screen the other day, her father had whisked her away.

Bhadra could not understand the strange games her parents were playing. If only they would include her too, her friends were not coming over, she had no school and she was so bored as there was nobody to play with.


This short story is written for AtoZ 2020 and this year too I am partnering with my buddy Leo. I would love to know what you thought about this story, please do leave a comment.
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  1. Love to read yours words again and this AtoZ one is amazing one, look forward to read more in coming days till month end.


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