Book Review : Warlock by Vickram E Diwan

Warlock – The Book

Warlock is the practitioner of the evilest & vilest form of Satanic black magic. He is also the first Westerner to master the deepest & darkest secrets of Vama Marga– the left-hand-tradition in the Indian Tantra. Payal Chatterjee is a drop-dead gorgeous Bengali actress, whose angelic beauty is matched with supreme self-confidence and willpower. Tricked and trapped in Warlock’s haunted estate that houses the Temple Of Darkness, she has little chance of survival in the den of evil – from which no one has ever come out alive. Will she be able to stand up to the ruthless killing-machine, the methodical & ritualistic-killer – who hides behind a golden mask? Or will she become his latest trophy-victim?

Book Review of Warlock By Vickram E Diwan

Warlock by Vickram E Diwan is a novel that revolves around a society drunk on glamour and beauty. It tells us the story of ambitious people who plot and plan to achieve their goals.

The story is spun in a manner similar to that of a movie, quite fast to move on with the story, the narrative tells us who the Warlock is in the early half of the book. There are however enough and more bits to hook the reader so that he keeps reading.

Payal Chatterjee’s story is the one that takes us in to the world of occult and black magic, sorcery and evil – and this is the story which tells us who the Warlock is.

What happens to Payal and how she encounters the Warlock, whether she manages to escape or she becomes yet another trophy victim to a blood thirsty black magician, who wins in the fight of good and evil… all these and more are revealed in the book.

The book does not tell the entire story and the author promises to reveal more in a subsequent book. If not for the few editing anomalies, there are no glaring obstructions to the entire reading experience and the book makes for an interesting one time read.


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