Month: January 2019


Book Review : Warlock by Vickram E Diwan

Warlock – The Book Warlock is the practitioner of the evilest & vilest form of Satanic black magic. He is also the first Westerner to master the deepest & darkest secrets of Vama Marga– the left-hand-tradition in the Indian Tantra. Payal Chatterjee is a drop-dead gorgeous Bengali actress, whose angelic beauty is matched with supreme …


Now Is The Time

Darkest of nights, Scary and cold. No human, No supernatural For solace. Fear like a murderer, Choking Strangling, Tempting to flee. Turn around Says the heart, Foolish, Obstinate, Brave little heart. Face your fears, For now is the time, To let go of what was, To make a fresh start. Linking this to the WednesdayVerses …


Thirteen Reasons Why Book Review

We all wake up and see the same world every day, yet we see the world differently – every one of us. Life is like that, days seemingly similar strung together on one thread, yet vastly different for each one of us. I wasn’t expecting much when I picked this book up to be the …