Reading Challenges For 2019

The WTRC 2019 is here, what better kick in the you know where for me to get reading. 2018 has been a slow year in terms of reading and writing, and I intend to pick up more books and write more and better in 2019.
The three parts of the reading challenge are as below:
1. Read 24 books a year Hmm… two books a month shouldn’t be very difficult I guess.
2. Read a minimum of 12 books based on the prompts – Well, that gives a lot of clarity in terms of half of the books to be read for the Challenge. This could also prove to be the chance for some of the books sitting on my TBR to make their presence felt in my hands.
3. Review one book a month – super! just what my blog needs 😉

So, the prompts? Go check this post out and sign up in case you are interested to join.

Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019

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