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The Bridges of Madison County Book Review

There is something about the genre romance that kind of transports you into a dream land of a warm fuzzy gooey feeling inside, whether the mush factor is high or not, it is the emotions that dominate the experience and for someone who feels everything a little extra, a high that a good romantic read can be replaced with very few other things.

It is easy to expect from a story that claims to be romance novel.

Book Review The Bridges of Madison County

The book, The Bridges of Madison County talks of woman who spends her days in Iowa, where the people are good and the neighborhood is quiet. Her normal, slow life gets shaken up by the arrival of a rather hippie looking photographer who stops by for directions, but goes away with much more than that.

Francesca, though initially fights the feelings of attractions for this strange poetic man, realizes quickly that she is no longer in control of her emotions and that she is back to being a little girl in Italy who just came face to face with her first crush. Robert Kincaid, the man who wrote little fiction but a little poetry, charms his way into her kitchen first and then to her heart before either of them realize.

Whoever said that age is just a number must surely have been talking about two people in love, maybe specially about Francesca and Robert.

The story takes place in the 60s and talks about the calm manner in which two people walked into love holding hands and stayed there, consciously or otherwise. The story begins when Francesca’s kids approach the author asking him to write their mother’s story.

The story is engaging but may come across a bit slow in terms of progress, however, the writing is beautiful, poetic too at some instances.

It is easy to expect from a story that claims to be romance novel, but The Bridges of Madison County is much more than a normal romance novel. It could very well be the story of our mothers or grandmothers, stuck in loveless marriages yet the fire of romance burning bright in them.

I’d recommend The Bridges of Madison County to all romance lovers, and to those who are skeptical about reading romance, who knows, this book might just change your views.

About the Book

Original Title: The Bridges of Madison County
ISBN : 0446364495 (ISBN13: 9780446364492)
Edition Language : English
Characters : Robert Kincaid, Francesca Johnson
Setting : Madison County, Iowa (United States)
Literary Awards: American Booksellers Book Of The Year Award for Adult Trade (1993), Audie Award for:  Romance (2015)


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