For The Love Of The Beach

Samir was sure the breeze carrying the anticipation of the impending downpour and the allure of spending time at the beach would excite her very much.

His Mira loved beaches and monsoon, and together they could add a spring to her steps no matter how tired and exhausted she was, reminisced Samir with a smile on his otherwise expressionless face.

He remembered the evenings they had spent at the beach, she chattering non-stop while playing with the waves that tried to tickle her toes and he looking at her as if she was the most beautiful being on earth.

The heaviness inside tugged at his heart, as if giving a reminder as to what his purpose of visiting the beach was.

No matter how much he tried to hold on to her or denied her presence in his life, he knew it was time to let go and to accept things as they are.

The curtains on his timeless love story with Mira had been drawn by the wretched cancer that ate her up from within.

It was only fitting that her ashes be scattered into this ocean that was sure to welcome her with open arms.

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