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We are getting ready for a function and I am fully decked up and running around trying to find a particular bag that can accommodate my phone because I don’t want to be balancing my phone while consuming copious amounts of food. This is what pissed my dad off all the time. Dad can never understand the reason why I have so many bags. He is amused that each of them is of a different shape and colour, but he does not understand that each bag has a different purpose and not every bag can be taken everywhere.

I finally manage to find one from the deepest throes of my wardrobe and smile at it. As a consumer, I am not a shopaholic. But the one thing I always have an eye on is bags and shoes… wait that makes it more than one thing! Well yeah, everybody has their vices. I’m a big fan of online shopping and buy almost everything from salt to vacuum cleaner online.

The world is going digital and yet there are people who refuse to take technology in their stride and refuse to adapt to the changes occurring in the modern world. I love the convenience it offers, imagine the comfort of sitting at home and not having to brave the traffic and pollution in the city while shopping for all that you want. That is what I call luxury.

I have a collection of bags that I am proud of and even when these get close to being torn, I cannot think of parting with them. They are one of my favourite accessory and ensure to carry them wherever I go. Below are some of my favourite bags which I carry at whichever chance I get.

Cross-Body Bags

These tiny bags are super comfortable while being very handy. Cross-body bags are my go to when I anticipate a busy day and need to keep my hands free to run my errands.


I have a love hate relationship with the cute clutches I own. Too cute to be left behind, but too tiny to be of much use, clutches are my go to when I need to step out for a while when I have someone who can carry my keys and mobile in their page.

Tote Bags

This is my latest love. For someone who carries multiple gadgets and reams of papers to office and back home every day, totes are a blessing. You just dump everything in and brace yourself to face the day.

That being said, I am not someone who shells out a lot during my purchases neither do I go behind labels and designers. When I buy bags, I go for their look and then the functionality aspects like how many pockets it has, the length of the strap etc.

What is your favourite accessory? Are you a bags person? Where do you buy bags from?

Note: This is a sponsored post, however the opinions expressed are mine and unbiased.

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