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It has been reiterated often that the first step is the hardest. For some reason, that seems like the easiest step to take.

The First Step
The First Step

To consistently keep going, to know that what you want is out there, though you still can’t even see the outline of the actual dream taking shape – to me, that is the hardest thing to do.

Not losing hope and keeping on treading the path you once chose probably after a lot of deliberation or even if it was a decision taken on an impulse, it is your decision and now it is time to stick by it.

How do you stay motivated and not lose hope when the mist covers your eyes and the dream you are supposed to chase looks like a haze?

Adding this to #MicroblogMondays  and #MondayMusings keeping the hope up in my heart that this gradually leads to longer forms of writing.

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2 thoughts on “Taking The First Step #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays”

  1. It’s a difficult thing to do, yes. To keep going without knowing which way leads to where you picture yourself to be. The first step is hard when the direction you want to take is one that the world around you doesn’t want you to. I think there’re few who will believe in that dream, and keep standing by your side and reinstating that belief of yours when it feels like a haze. That support matters when self belief is low.
    Leo’s latest…Broken PromisesMy Profile

  2. In my case – the first step is the hardest! I procrastinate – play out what-if scenarios! ugh! I drive myself nuts!!
    But, once I take that all important first step, I keep going.. stumbling or straying off the path is always an accepted part of the journey.
    You pick yourself up, dust off and keep going. Every dream is worth pursuing!
    And as Leo mentions, very few provide support… and that support is so important especially when we stumble and fall…
    Pixie’s latest…Broken PromisesMy Profile


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