Resolutions, Really? #WednesdayVerses #Ishithaa


How often does a new day come
Announcing an year
Turning a new leaf tomorrow

Change yourself
For opinions that do not matter
For voices that needn’t be heard
For hands that pull you down
For people who will never approve
Look at you, in the mirror
Smiling bright, the light
In your eyes shining bright

Why change for those
Who do not matter
Care or give a damn

They don’t matter, you do
Resolutions, really?
Why change who you are?

When friends take an initiative, you have to support them – even if you are late! 😛
Linking this with #WednesdayVerses as I join Vinay and Reema on a weekly journey of poems. The first  prompt  is ‘Resolutions in Verse’.

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